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ShaShinKi as Malaysia Top e-Commerce Merchant?

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Today was an exciting day! We got an email last night from SITEC that ShaShinKi has been shortlisted to become Malaysia’s top E-Commerce merchant! Hahaaa…yeah…shortlisted and not yet the top…but you can make us the top!



So, today we sent out a newsletter to our customers (over 40k subscribers), inviting them to vote for us as well as entering the voting contest that stands a chance to win the fabolous price from SITEC!


Why are we the Top e-Commerce Merchant in Malaysia?

  1. We are the first online camera shop in Malaysia since Dec 2005.
  2. We have over 19,000 SKU online!
  3. We have over 100,000 shipped orders!
  4. We have over 60,000 registered customers!
  5. Our products price range from below RM1 to above RM50k! Anything you want about photography you can find in our store, or we will look out for you!
  6. Our website (shashinki.com) was built in house by ourselves! Proudly Made in Malaysia! Various features in our website to give the best shopping experience to our customers!
  7. We are a 100% Malaysian owned company!
  8. We interact with our customers actively via WhatsApp (+0167625586, +60167627788, +60167736586 ), Facebook, Emails…etc.
  9. We do not sell camera, we provide solutions to your photography needs!

Why Vote?

To show your support to us, and to stand a chance in winning a 4D3N Bali Wild Dolphin Tour for 2!

Vote for ShaShinKi as Malaysia TOP e-Commerce Merchant!

1. Go to: https://poll.fbapp.io/sitectopecm2016
2. Select ShaShinKi banner

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Submit”
4. Share / post voting page on your timeline with a hashtag


Selangor Information Technology and E-commerce Council (SITEC)

The Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC) was established by the Selangor State Government, under the secretariat of Invest Selangor to develop Selangor as the regional trading hub for e-commerce, and to uplift the startup ecosystem. The SITEC Council is chaired by Selangor State Exco in charge of investments, Dato’ Teng Chang Khim.