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Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch…my 10 mins experience…

Saw this Samsung Gear S2 watch in AEON shopping mall just now, and got the chance to play briefly with it. The sales girl didn’t know much about the watch, so I just tried it out myself.


My impression of the watch, really nice! Very smooth scrolling on the screen, beautiful LCD, love the rotating bezel to select the icons. White is nice and it does felt like a real watch on hand. Love the heartbeat rate tracking as well. I didn’t try connecting it to my Samsung phone though so not sure how does it works with gmail, whatsapp…etc.

White is a great match for lady, while dark gray is nice for man. Classic IMO has the best bezel clicking feel, but the design is not as nice (personal opinion) as the other two. Furthermore, I hate leather strap for watch, as it gets really smelly when you sweat.

samsung-gear-s2-and-gear-s2-classicSelling at RM1399, not cheap for a watch if you are not going to wear it daily. I was tempted of getting one for my wife, but decided not to after knowing that it doesn’t run the exercise app that my wife is using – Runstastic. There is Nike+ and Samsung own app, but my experience with Nike+ is not as good as Runstastic, so it is a no no for me.


Great hardware, poor software / support of software. If only it is running on Android wear…too bad…

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