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Acer K242HL 24″ LED Monitor

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Just bought an Acer K242HL 24″ LED Monitor yesterday for my staff. RM519.00 (Incl. GST).


First impression, it is wide! Very very bright and looks great! The LED screen looks much brighter than the 1 year old Asus monitor that I bought for my staff. The stand looks flimsy though, I hate monitor with flimsy stand as the screen tends to shake when you type.

Input support is only DIV and VGA. No HDMI. Some countries seems to be selling the same model with HDMI, but for me it is not so important as I prefer DVI over HDMI.


I chose the Acer brand over Samsung 24″ monitor (selling at RM565) as my previous experience with Samsung monitor isn’t great. Colour seems dull. Hence I decided to go for Acer for a try. So far seems like a good choice.