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Internet in Taiwan

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We don’t need talk time, as internet is all we need. So the first thing we did when touched down in Taipei Taoyuan airport is to get an internet simcard.

4 days unlimited internet access at 4G high-speed data at only TWD 250.

We installed it in my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and hotspot data sharing to my phone. So we just need to purchase one simcard and both of us can have internet access all the time.

We use WhatsApp to connect with our kids and family back home in Malaysia.


One thing to take note. Since our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is dual simcard version, in order to get 4G internet speed, the simcard must be installed in simcard 1 as told by the telcom seller. I didn’t verify this, but I can confirm that we do get 4G speed.

(this could explain why my internet speed in Japan was so slow, as I installed the internet simcard on simcard 2 slot.)