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MYCYBERSALE 2015 at ShaShinKi.com (Largest Camera Sales in Malaysia!)

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From 28th September 2015 till 2nd October 2015, Malaysia will have its second MYCYBERSALE throughout the whole country. Hundreds of online sellers are participating in this event, and this will be the 2nd year Shashinki joining as well.


ShaShinKi MYCYBERSALE banner.


Checkout ShaShinKi.com, the largest online camera shop in Malaysia with great bargains on photographic equipment at discounted price!

imageimageLast year, one of our customer has won a MacBook Air being one of the highest spending shopper during MYCYBERSALE 2015.


This year, there will be many great bargains at limited stock during these 5 days sales. ShaShinKi will be pushing out bargains daily at various hours, hence make sure you check our MYCYBERSALE page from time to time!


Happy Shopping!!!