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Windows 10 Upgrade for FREE

First impression of Windows 10. Very smooth! Yes, I really felt smoother operation especially the mouse. My wife’s computer was kinda slow and lagging, after 2-3 years of running Windows 7. HDD was fulled, and I have moved much files to a new HDD, and still it does not run applications smoothly.


So I upgraded her PC to Windows 10 today, and first impression is SMOOTH!

Now my turn on my own PC. I have actually clicked the upgrade to Windows 10 on my PC much earlier, but today it just stuck at WORKING ON IT for several hours. No, it just won’t proceed. Google for some solutions…

1. Updated my Windows 7 with all updates available.

2. Click to Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows Update (from Control Panel).

3. Downloading Windows 10 files again…shall continue tomorrow…

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