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One Tool too less…

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For man, it is always one tool too less!

My wife wants me to do some gardening fence for her plant to climb, and it is very troublesome to use my current wired type of drill for the job. So I decided to go search for a cordless Bosch.

Saw my friend, Alvin, used his cordless Bosch sometime ago, and it is much more convenient than having to get extension wire or cables for some simple job. A must have!

Did some search and finally decided on the Bosch GSR1080-2-LI. Costs me RM275 after discount.


  • Affordable price with great value set Bosch uncompromising quality: best in class battery system (EC
  • 10.8V 2-speed Drill Driver with powerful performance (soft torque 11Nm) to cover major applications
  • 2-speed gear: Optimized torque for screw driving and speed for drilling 15+1 clutch settings
  • LED light: Effectively illuminates dark work spaces


Now have to wait patiently…