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Family Trekking, 01 May 2015

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What a great activity to start the holiday! Yes, we went trekking (simple one) our whole family! It is the Balai Cerapan of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). We started our trip at around 8am, quite late already.

There are lots of mosquito, the kids were covered with insects repellent, but still the mosquito are flying around aggressively!


Reach the top after 1 hour of “walking”. 5.2km journey.


Going down is easier, but more dangerous. Megumi fall on the way down, and hurt her knee with quite some blood. No, she didn’t want me to take photo. :p

10km is too much for the kids, Emmanuel ask for help in the mid way down. I think he covered around 7km, which is quite a distance for him.

Will try again in the next holiday.