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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – 2nd May 2015 (Saturday)

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A long holiday in Malaysia during this year labour day, started from 1st May (Friday) till 4th May (Monday).

After some research, we decided to go nearby place, instead of driving around Malaysia that might be caught in the bad traffic jam (Yes, we were right as there were reports of really bad traffic jam all over Malaysia on the 1st May.

So, we chose Gardens by the Bay, Singapore as our holiday destination. Very smooth traffic on the 2nd May 2015 (Saturday), and it took around 1hr 30mins for the journey, which is quite good. We departed late (around 11.30am) and reached there at around 1pm. Still good for us to start sight seeing.

The entrance ticket to the two DOOMS (The Tulipmania garden and the Forrest) costs us around SGD$105 in total (3 adults, 2 children). There is 10% discount when you use VISA Maybank credit card.

I brought my Nikon D3s + two lenses (AFD 50mm F/1.8 and AFS 85mm F/1.4) + SB-910 Flash.

My wife brought her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as her selfie camera.

Photos below are all from my wife’s Note 3, which I think is better than from my D3s… :p

Reached home at around 8pm, everybody was tired and exhausted, but satisfied. 🙂