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Google Mobile-Friendly Site – AWESOME!

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Google now takes mobile site very seriously. Website that can cater mobile devices is now rank higher by Google. You can check if your website is mobile-friendly or not at:

Yesterday, I spent several hours updating ShaShinKi.com (shop) to make it mobile-friendly under Google’s eyes. I am glad that it is now “AWESOME“!


Then when checking other pages under ShaShinKi.com, I noticed that my personal blog is still NOT mobile friendly. There are thousands of posts / links in my blog, so I decided to change and choose a mobile friendly theme. Not the best theme that I prefer, but a quick one for the time-being so that Google will find it AWESOME too and rank my site higher.


There are still some pages that are not mobile friendly, but less than 10…so I just leave them for the time-being.