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Just Bought! Philips HTL-3140B Soundbar

Actually…bought it last night. RM699 – 10% discount, so final price RM629.10. This is the lowest price I can find in Malaysia, online. Physical store is selling at much higher price.

HTL3140B_12-IMS-nl_NLBuying online is a bit risky, not that I won’t get the product, but am not sure how’s the quality of the soundbar. I didn’t test or see the soundbar in person, only based on online review on the HTL-5140 model which got a perfect score from Whathifi.


I couldn’t find HTL-5140 model in Malaysia, so I decided to settle for the HTL-3140 model. Hopefully the quality is not disappointing.

By the way, the B alphabet stands for BLACK. There is a WHITE or SILVER version available oversea, but I think Black should be fine for my black should be fine for my living room.


By the way, I did check the specs and connectivity of the soundbar before deciding on it. Can connect to TV via digital cable or AUX IN or HDMI. I think I will go for digital cable, but need to wait again for delivery of the cable from oversea, as it is not included by default. For the time-being, I will just connect via AUX IN I guess. One thing I like about this soundbar is that the WOOFER unit is connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth. So there is no ugly wire connecting the two, and you can put your woofer further from your soundbar. Great! Another great features on the soundbar is the support of USB and Bluetooth connection. You can play your music directly from your mobile phone to the soundbar, making it a nice home audio system conveniently.

htl3140b_b3 HTL3140B-3

Delivery should be within this week. Can’t wait!

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