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Rerouting Pipes of my house

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December 2014 water bill = RM350!

January 2015 water bill = RM450!!!

Yeah, something definitely NOT right and we all knew there are water leakage. Contractor called, and we have the work done by rerouting the water pipe from outside our house through side wall to the roof and back to our water tank. Two days work (16th & 17th January 2015, Friday-Saturday), RM2200. Using polycarbonate pipes all the way. Concealed and inclusive of drilling several holes to my kitchens to replace the original pipes. I took the opportunity to change the long leaking kitchen sink water pipe as well.

Am still waiting for the new water bill for Feb 2015, hoping RM10…nah…more realistically RM30 water bill for our family usage.

Called Diamond Water filter agent as well, to replace the old water filter that we installed in our house 7 years ago. Time to change. RM979 for the filter + RM220 for the stainless steel bracket (to hold the filter mounting to the wall).


Why Diamond water filter? The price different is not much as compared to those generic brand stainless filter out there, so I thought it might be better having this popular brand for easier maintenance instead of a no brand one (I am not sure who to call for servicing of my previous water filter). Since two of my friends also recently installed Diamond filters, so I might as well get the same one.