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My NEW Ride – Kia Optima K5

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Today is an exciting day! A new ride (old car but just 1 year+ old) from my father! Sent all the way from Miri to Johor, via ship (in a container). Transportation cost alone is already RM3k+.

My father sent me this car, when I told him about the “problems” of the Peugeot 407 that he gave me (transported through sea as well) 4 years ago. Small problems actually (door lock, brake sensor…etc.), and I have since settled all and costs RM1k+ only. So those are not the reason to have another car, but the SPACE and LEG room. My wife said every time sitting behind our Peugeot 407 felt like going to pass out…hot and very tight.

My father is generous enough to offer me this very new Kia Optima K5. A beautiful car in Silver Metallic colour. Yes, plate number 1210 again, which is my father’s favorite. 🙂

I like the tail light design of this car. There is a new facelift model now, which I think is UGLY.


You can’t mistaken the front LED light of this Kimchi. Slanted SIDE LINE LED, the trademark of Kia Optima K5.


First time driving a Kimchi…as many has commented, there are lots of accessories inside this car. My wife said this Kimchi makes our old Peugeot 407 looks like an ancient dinasour…


The best thing I love about this car is how spacious it is. Peugeot 407 is a nice car, no problem for the driver but those sitting behind are suffering. I have long legs, so I tend to put my seat far back when driving. This makes those sitting right behind me suffers. However, no such problem with this Kimchi. When you OFF the engine, the seat is automatically push all backward (to allow driver easier getting off or access), and still those sitting behind have no problem with the space!

IMG_20150131_143201Am thankful to my father for the gift, a very nice family car for my family. 🙂