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my LASIK surgery – personal experience sharing

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September 2014, I made a very important decision in my life last week, that is to go for LASIK surgery.


I wear glasses since I was in primary school. Stupid me thinking that that will make me looks cool or smarter. Reading in poor light condition…etc. I don’t remember since when my vision has become so poor that I can’t live without glasses anymore. My last few weeks check is having -725 and -750 farsightedness on my eyes. I have to wear glasses in my daily life, not a single moment without it. I can’t play sports (basketball or volley ball might hit my face and damaged my glasses, I have experienced that many times). When I went jogging, I have to wear string on my glasses, else my glasses will keep falling off from my face after sweating. It is really inconvenient to my life.

I have wanted to do LASIK for many years…since maybe 15 years ago. However, I was scared and poor. Scared being the main part. Scared of getting blind.


Then few weeks ago, I felt like doing LASIK again. I went to do my new spectacles 3 weeks ago together with my wife, and after that I talked to her briefly my intention of going LASIK. I didn’t expect her to AGREE and SUPPORT, as I remembered her saying that she scared of me going blind. When she supported me, that’s it. I decided to go for LASIK.

Do Google searching, and found a shop called VISTA in City Plaza, Johor (they advertised at Google, which is good for them). Called and made an appointment with them for checking and consultation the same week. Then I posted my intention of performing LASIK in my Facebook page, and one of my friend recommended me to get professional consultation from a shop called OPTIMAX in CitySquare, Johor. She said she did her LASIK there. So I canceled my appointment with VISTA and went to OPTIMAX on Friday for checkup appointment. (Not saying VISTA is poorer, just that since my friend did hers at OPTIMAX, so I decided to check that out first.).



I did the check up at Optimax on the 8th August 2014 (Friday), spent nearly 3 hours there. It is quite a detail check up, and the results are positive, meaning that I am OK to go for LASIK. At Optimax, there are several types of Laser Vision Correction. The common two are that I can consider are:

  • Customize Laser Profile = cost RM3xxx per eye (can’t remember exactly, as I don’t intend to opt for this)
  • ReLEx smile = cost RM6500 per eye (current promotion at RM5550 per eye for their 19th anniversary)

I didn’t pay much attention on the risk part, as I have studied that online, and I am willing to take the risks (those that I have heard).

Why I chose ReLEx smile?

Customize Laser Profile is already very advanced actually, and is the most common type of LASIK performed world wide. However, a common “complaint” or risk of this “Customize Laser Profile LASIK” surgery is the flap. There is a possibility that flap might come off in certain situations (rub eyes, knocked by someone, ball…etc.). As the surgery requires cutting open a big part of your corneal flap, to allow laser beam to then cut the corneal to correct your eye vision, so it takes longer time to heal. People have reported of longer dry eyes because of this bigger cut, as more nerves are being damaged in the cut.


ReLEx smile
(below are copied from Optimax website)

Bladeless. Flapless. Painless. ReLEx smile is the new and revolutionary laser refractive technique for correction of vision defects. It is a minimally invasive treatment with numerous innovative benefits, high precision levels and perceptibly greater comfort during the treatment itself.

proceduce relex_smilelogo

ReLEx smile is a less invasive way to treat short-sightedness and astigmatism. Traditional laser treatment involves cutting a flap from the cornea and uses Excimer laser to change the shape of the cornea. With ReLEx there is no flap cut required.

A 4mm opening is all ReLEx smile needs. The minimally invasive technique allows significantly more corneal tissue to remain intact. This contributes to many benefits which other Lasik procedures do not offer.

No, I didn’t make the decision on the spot after the checkup. Though I have almost decided to go for LASIK, but I decided to give myself some time to cool down and of course have a final discussion with my wife before I make the booking.

Optimax closed on Sunday and Monday, so I made a visit to their shop again on Tuesday (12th August 2014) to confirm my appointment for ReLEx smile LASIK surgery. This surgery is only available in their KL headquarter, so I have to flew there for the surgery. Money paid (they have 24 months interest free installment), so is not so burden, flight booked (Fireflyz), and all set.


Update: 20th Nov 2017

Time flies. I did my Lasik in Oct or Nov 2014, and it has been 3 years since then. My eye sight is fine, not perfect but I do not have to wear glasses now. It takes quite a few months for me to get recovered from the surgery though. Vision is not as good or strong as before, I am not sure if it is due to aging or surgery. I noticed that if I viewed computer screen or book for long period (few minutes), then when viewing far subject, it takes time for me to gain focus on the far subject.

I asked to have perfect vision correction for the surgery, but no, I didn’t get that. There is always some errors or risks in surgery. I still have around -50 far sight on each eyes, and some astigmatism (which bother me most). No, the surgery did not correct that…or make it worse (I don’t remember having astigmatism before).

Risk of the surgery:
Right before the surgery, the doctor called me and another patient into the waiting room and brief us on the risks. He warned us NOT TO MOVE during the surgery, NOT TO MOVE our eyes. The machine needs to TRACK and LOCK our eyes during the surgery, and if loss track, then the surgery is considered FAILED. If such thing happened, then the surgery will have to be stopped and patient will need to go home and rest (till getting normal lasik next time). I didn’t know such risk during my several visits to the clinic. No one told me of such risk.

Dry Eye?
Yes, I do get a little bit of dry eyes. Have to keep dropping eyes fluid to get clear vision. There is antibiotic eye drops as well, few times a day.

Again, I have no regret doing it.