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ShaShinKi and Google

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Received an interesting call today (It was already 4pm, I was free, so just entertained him…)…

Person A: Hello, may I speak to Dr Koh Kho King?
Me: Yes, speaking.
Person A: I am calling from #$^45*&^ (I don’t know what name he pronounced). Are you the owner of ShaShinKi?
Me: Yes.
Person A: We are Google certified SEO company. Do you know that you are losing a lot of business because you are not being featured on the first page of Google?
Me: Is it?! (tried to show a very surprised sound to him…)
Person A: (Excited!) YES! When people search “Best Camera in Malaysia”, they don’t see you! We can bring your…#&*(&$*(
Me: Oh…search what again? (I was with my computer, so I quick google the keyword he mentioned.)
Person A: “Best Computer in Malaysia”! You are not on page 1 of google, you are losing many customers! If people can’t find you…they can’t buy from you…$*$#($&^*C…
Me: (interrupting him…) Search what again? (Computer? or Camera? I want to make sure he know what he is talking about)
Person A: Best Computer in Malaysia! We can bring….*(&$%($
Me: But I am not selling computer? I am selling camera.
Person A: Oh…”Best Camera in Malaysia”! Search in Google.com.my, people can’t find you on page 1, not even after page 7…you are loosing a lot of business! We can bring your…^&#$&%*$%
Me: (I let him talk…as I was using Google.com all the time, I have to switch to Google.com.my and do the search myself to see where ShaShinKi is. Searched done.). I can see ShaShinKi.com on first page. It is on line 4.
Person A: No, you are loosing a lot of business because you are not on first page, we can bring you to first page…^&^#$(#$&(…
Me: (Interrupting him) Have you tried searching yourself? I can see ShaShinKi on No 4 line in First Page.
Person A: Wait…Oh…yes…but try “buy camera online in Malaysia”, you are not on first page! We can bring your website to first page!*(&(*&$#)_$*%()$%…
Me: Have you tried searching? (quickly googled and still found ShaShinKi on still on first page of Google.).
Person A: Wait…(silent for a few seconds…) Oh…yes sir, you are on first page…thank you for your time.
Me: (waiting him to talk more…)….
Person A: ……… (hang up)