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Peugeot 407 – Service and Maintenance 3 years 2 months Old

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My wife’s 407 was having problem starting few days ago. Initially I thought battery is fine, and must be some other causes. I checked the power steering fluid, looks EMPTY to me (below the minimum line as per the indicator). I can hardly start it…but still able to drive it to Pasar to buy some food.

The next day the day couldn’t be started at all. So I called Peugeot Service hotline. Too bad, they said their free tow service is only for the first year of purchase. They suggested me to call my car insurance company for free tow service. My 407 is insured under KURNIA insurance, googled for their contact number and got it. Kurnia Auto Assist. Free tow service is for the first 50km.



Assistance within 50 km radius from service provider’s workshop to breakdown scene
(30km for Sabah & Sarawak)
Beyond 50km
(beyond 30km for Sabah & Sawarak)
RM2.00 per km (for day and night)

In less than 10 mins, the tow driver called me and said he is from Johor Jaya, which is around 30-40mins drive from my place. Good service I must say.

The two truck came at around 10am, and the nice driver help to put my 407 to his tow truck. I told him where to head to, and I drive my other car leading him to Peugeot service centre in Bukit Indah. One thing I really like is that the driver drove VERY CAREFULLY at I think 30km/hr! I have to constantly slow down or wait for him, and I was only driving at 40-50km/hr! Good and careful service and I like that! (I have seen a tow truck break down at a traffic light where the car it towed got left behind…)

At the service centre, the mechanics checked my car few half an hour, and told me is just Battery Problem. Oops…too bad, and I was wrong, but I am glad that I was wrong. Changing battery is so much cheaper and simpler than the power steering fault! Of course I didn’t change the battery at the service centre, as it costs RM500 to change there, while I can get it done outside at RM290 (I did it two days later with my usual mechanics came over to my house to fit a new battery). Still, I decided to do my normal car service there, which costs me RM400+. I think is OK since they are the expert and they know what to do and what to check. I didn’t wait at the service centre there, as I have an appointment later, and it took an hour + for them to do the service.

I got a phone call from Peugeot service centre an hour later, informing me that the brake pad of the car is about to wear out. Asking me if I wanted to change or not. RM400+. I asked if it can last till next service, they said most probably no. So I decided to just proceed and change.

Total cost for the 407 service and change of brake pad = RM920. Happy that the car is now fine to serve!