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Xiao Mi Mi3 Review – Malaysia Set

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Managed to order the 2nd batch of Xiao Mi Mi3 from www.mi.com/my website last week (2014-05-28). Got the order keyed in on around 12.12pm, and it was sold out at 12.16pm. 16 minutes after launching.

Received my Mi3 yesterday (2014-06-01), so total is 5 days including the ordering day to receive the Mi3. It was shipped  from an address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, unlike iPhone which was shipped directly from Sheng Zhen, China. It comes with Sirim Sticker, and packed in a hard solid paper cardboard. Recycled material? I think so. Have the environmental friendly feel, but not elegant feel like Apple packaging.


Since the phone is using Lithium battery, so it is important to declare that in shipment, which is required under FedEx shipment.


Inside the box there is the Mi3 box, UK style power adapter and invoice.


Going into details you will see the below:


The adapter at the lower part of the above photo is the MicroSIM adapter. The photo comes with MiniSIM adapter by default.

Mi3 is sitting firmly inside the box.


It is not small, and I have my Samsung S3 laying next to it as a comparison. You can’t see the screen of the Mi3 now, photo after power ON later.


Holding in hand comparison.



Samsung Galaxy S3


Side by side comparison


Back view


Samsung S3 is using plastic casing, which I have no problem with, and is actually quite light and durable to withhold impact damage (drop, hit…etc.). Mi3 on the other hand is metal casing, which I am worrying of scratching and knocking. I have a slight regret that I didn’t add the bumper case for it when purchasing. Maybe I will get that later.

Powering up the Mi3 required SIM card. After setting up (for Android system, Google account is essential…so that you can fully utilize the functions of cloud data storage), the screen of Mi3 is beautiful! Very high resolution and I can see no dot or pixel on the screen.

Side by side comparison to my S3


In term of real estate (screen size), Mi3 is slightly larger / longer than S3. The icons appear to be larger than S3. Colour is vivid, vibrant and sharp.

At RM889 (purchase directly from www.mi.com/my), I think it is a great buy! The current Samsung S5 might be a great phone (love the leather back), but I don’t think it is 2.5x better than the Mi3 (S5 is still selling at RM2000+ in the market).

My biggest complaint on the Samsung S3 is the slow response on the camera function, which I am not impressed even on my wife’s latest Samsung Note 3, but I am happy with the Mi3 camera function. It is fast, responsive and instantaneous in photo capturing and reviewing! No more waiting for the photo to appear when you press the view photo button on the phone. It comes out immediately, just like iPhone!

Below is the original photo taken using Mi3. Click for full resolution.


Being still an Android phone, there is not much different in terms of user interface as compared to Samsung. Mi3 is running Android 4.3.

In Conclusion, I am satisfied with the money spent. At RM889, you can only get a “normal” grade Samsung Galaxy Grand phone, but Mi3 is of Galaxy S5 standard. 🙂