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Update of my Discus fish

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Took some photos of my discus fish today after water changed.

Bought these 4 discus from Forrest last week, and they are doing great!

This is a rare straight line red turquoise. The shape is nice, the pattern is nice, and the colour is nice as well!


This is the Forrest Giant Red Turquoise. It is really huge, mainly due to the high fin. Forrest said it has the GIANT gene inside it, which means it will grow to much bigger size than normal discus. Judging from the size of its eyes, I think the fish is only 1 year or less of age. Discus can live upto 10 years as per documented, so this one can really go into GIANT! It is already reaching 5.5″ now!

This one is having straight line pattern as well, though not as straight as the one above, but is still a nice one.



This is Scorpion Blue discus. I like the fine patterns on it.


This is has less pattern, but the blue is nice.


When the fins open up, the fish is really nice!