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Visiting Forrest Discus on 15th May 2014 (Thursday)

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I have the chance to visit the famous Forrest Discus farm in Johor few days ago (15th May 2014 (Thursday)). It is about 1 hour drive from where I live, and the journey is a smooth drive via highway. Total distance is around 55km as per WAZE GPS.

For discus lovers, the farm is like a paradise. So many great discus in different strains at one place, and the best thing is…they are all very healthy! I spent several hours at the farm, looking at the fish and chit-chatting with Forrest, who is a very nice and humble guy to spend time with!

No, he is not into selling. In fact, he asked me not to buy, as I already have many discus in my tank. Still, I want to bring back some nice discus, so I insist. Forrest is sincere in telling me the quality of each fish, and below are what I got at the end.

Two Blue Scorpions, One Straight Line Red Turquoise, and One Forrest Giant Red Turquoise.

The two blue scorpions are 4-4.5″ each. I love the fine patterns on this one.


While this one is more clean, it has a nice shape as well.


Love this red turq on first look. Very nice straight line pattern! It is a 5″ fish! The photo doesn’t do justice to the fish, as the fins are clamped after I changed water.


I wanted to get another turquoise, so Forrest brought me to another farm of his (yes, he got two farms), to select his own breed Forrest Giant Red Turq, and he chose this straight line one for me. This one is huge, 5.5″!


All the fish are extremely healthy! I quarantine them for 2 days in a small tank, and noticed that the Giant Red Turq was bullying the others (chasing and causing fish to jump and splash the water around and hurting themselves), so I join them to my bigger tank with others.

Really happy with the quality of these fish, and most importantly, make a new friend. 🙂