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It’s her day! It’s Lydia’s Birthday! It’s Mother’s Day!

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Today, 11th May 2014, is my beloved wife, Lydia’s birthday! Today is also the 2nd Sunday of May, celebrating Mother’s day worldwide!


She said no need cake…but I still decided to go get a small cake for her, and also for the two kids. Kids LOVE cake!

Also got 3 roses for my wife, means “I LOVE YOU”. Hahaa…


Megumi made a little prayer.


Candle blowing…


Cake cutting…


Enjoying our dinner… 🙂


Everybody wants to cut the cake. We didn’t get Secret Recipe cake this time, as it is too big, no good cakes left, and too expensive. So we get one from Season, small one, which is surprisingly quite delicious! Cheese cake…my favorite! Hahaa…and Megumi’s favorite too!