4 October 2023


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Lost Six of my discus fish

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My discus tank has been a disaster  since 2 weeks ago. Tried many methods, changed water daily, use RO water, medicinessss…and till today I removed the sands in my tank to keep the water cleaner.

I have lost 6 discus in this event. Four adults and two juveniles. The adults are blue super eruption, Penang eruption (one of my favorite fish), snake skins fine lines, and golden crystal (I like this one too). The two juveniles are one giant blue snakeskin and one red turquoise. The Golden crystal and snake skin fine lines died today. The snakeskin is already in bad condition last night, didn’t expect it to be able to last till today’s noon. The golden crystal showed bad sign this morning, and after water changed, it left at 2.45pm.

I got really tired with the condition of the fish. Quite helpless feeling when seeing the fish dying, as I have run out of idea and solutions.

At the moment, another adult fish red super eruption is not showing good sign. It tilt to one side, and laying on the floor. I hope it can make it and get back to health.

I am left with few more fishes. Adults: Snakeskin, leopard, super eruption, blood pigeon. Juveniles: giant blue snakeskin, red turquoise, 4 x red melon, 2 x red snakeskins, 3 x checkerboard. These are all in my 4 feet tank.

i have another two adult fish in my small tank. They are one pigeon blood and one albino Snow White. These two are not mixed with the other fish, so they didn’t get sick. Good news today…after changed the water in the small tank, they spawned again. This is their third round, hopefully they can succeed this time.

Back to my main tank. After water change and removing the sands, most of the fish look fine and active now. I shall get the water clean up again tomorrow or Sunday, remove the leftover dirt at the bottom.