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Discus Fish 31st March 2014 (Monday)

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The fish condition seems to have improved, after I added some medicine to the tank last night.


Tried feed them bloodworm this morning, most still have no appetite. No rushing over the food. Just two cubes and still the fish can’t finish them. (In old days, they can take 6-9 cubes!)

This is the very first Snakeskin discus that I got, my daughter called it the “BRAIN fish”, as the patterns on the body looks like brain. :p The fish has gone through many sickness, and this time he is recovering well.


My Giant Blue is still dark and clamped fin…


The Leopard Snakeskin (Penang Eruption) still sick, but much better than last night. You can see the whitish slim on the skin is peeling off…should be in the recovering stage.


Just a reminder how great my fish look like when they were all healthy! Photo taken on 12th March 2014 (19 days ago).