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Bunga Kertas for my house

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Our neighbour has this BUNGA Kertas (paper flower) blossom at their house. Every time when we passed by, my wife would say how nice it is the flower, and how much she loves the colour and if we have such blossom in our house.

I went looking for the tree last Friday, and managed to get one that is of nice looking at the nearby nursery. The tree took delivered on Saturday, and I planted it straight away next to the children swing. Hope my wife will like it.

Beware when buying such tree, as most are transplant at the branches with different colour strains on the main tree, and some trees are already rotten in the main trunk, and surviving only at the transplant area (giving you the false impression that the tree is still very much alive). It will not last long if such is the case. To check is easy, just use your fingernails to scrub the skin of the main trunk and sub-branches a little, if it is still green inside, then it is still a living one. I have seen two at the nursery that were reserved by others with rotten trunk…though the branches still blossom nicely.


Paid RM300 for it, so it better be a healthy tree that can grow and last… :p