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Meeting Forrest Discus

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I ordered 4 discus fish from a very famous discus exporter in Malaysia, Forrest (Teo) Discus. He is staying in Johor, about 45 minutes drive from where I stay. So he made personal delivery of the discus fish that I ordered last night.


A very nice guy, willingness to share his knowledge and experience in discus fish. Am happy purchasing the fish from him and met him personally.

I bought two Forrest Red Turq and two Forrest Giant Blue SS.



Very quality fish from him, though price is higher than local fish store, but I am still satisfied. 🙂

Picture below is we checking out the condition of the new fishes after adding them to the tank. No, Forrest doesn’t recommend adding fish to existing tank without quarantine, but since I have no extra tank, he gave me some tips to try minimize the risk.


Forrest was quite surprised with the quality of the discus in my tank, bought from local fish store. Some are great quality (the red melons got praises from Forrest). 🙂