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Partitioning my Aquariums

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After seeing TWO PAIRS of my discus spawning, I decide to make a special home for them, isolating them from the others, to avoid disturbance to their next spawn and hopefully will have success of wigglers later.

Initially thought of getting some free flow partitions from local fish store, but it is not available. So I only bought the holders (RM0.50 each) from the store, and went to a stationary shop for a plastic type of partition to DIY the dividers myself. The outcome seems good!

My main tank (4 feet), and I created about 1 feet for the pair. It should be a very comfortable place for this pair. My wife asked why put an ugly toilet pipe in the tank… :p



I decided to remove the driftwood from the tank to have more space for the discus in the tank. Looks much more spacious now.


On the smaller tank outside my house, I have this pair.


They spawned (but eaten all the eggs) last night, so I have to create a peaceful place for them preparing for the next spawn. This pair seems quite old, so they should be more experienced…


The rojak fish and crayfish (little lobsters) are on the other side of the already small tank.