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Peugeot RCZ Battery Changed

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After nearly two years of using, the battery (Varta brand) of my Peugeot RCZ has finally gave in.

Not sure what model is the replacement battery, so I asked in Peugeot Club Malaysia FB page, and got recommendation for DIN55 size. My mechanic checked from outter look of the battery compartment and said it should be DIN55L (L for left) model.


Quite a headache for remove and access to the battery on Peugeot car. After much struggling, we finally got off the fuse box and removed the battery.


The battery seems taller than DIN55, but width is same. So I just took the DIN55L as replacement. I got a Korean brand battery.

Total money paid RM260 including labor charge.

(I did called Peugeot service center in Johor, and they told me RM505 for battery, + RM40 labor charge. Total RM545. Way too much for a battery replacement! I called another Peugeot centre in Johor, and they told me similar price but no stock. However, the good technician recommend me to change outside, and said it does not void the warranty. So I did!)