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Discus Spawning! But…

These two have been acting very defensive lately, and I have moved them to a separate tank (20 gallons) few weeks ago together with my other fishes (mixed of different fishes and crayfish as well).

Yesterday I decided to switch place them with another fish that I want to medicine with. Again they act very aggressive to others, and I was forced to put another adult fish out due to injury.

This is the male fish (I guess…)


Few minutes ago after back from work, I saw a surprised in the tank after switching on the light. EGGs!

Sadly, within minutes, one of the parents (I think is female) has eaten up all the eggs. 🙁

I manged to capture some photos before the she ate up all the eggs.


Quite a lot of eggs when I first saw it…


Expert said the pair will spawn again in 7 days time, so I better get well prepare this round, with less disturbance to the pair and separation.

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