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New Discus Adding to my Tank – Leopard Snake Skin

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I have long heard and only able to see this strain of discus in the internet, and finally saw it yesterday at my usual visit local fish store.

Leopard Snake Skin (Some said it is Golden Eruption Leopard and Super Eruption Leopard). Not sure there are two different colours for this strain, but since they looks like a pair, so I bought both.


Another shot, but different colour / lighting / WB.


They are not in the perfect condition, but at RM100 per piece (6 inches adult size), I think it is still a bargain. Another fish shop quoted me RM300 for another pair (I am not so sure if they are pair).Learn the terminology of fish parts.


One of the bone on the dorsal fin has broken off.


This one has a perfect dorsal fin, but the pectorial fin has some damages. (not visible in the photo)


I hope they will mix well with my other discus in the tank. Going to get a new tank soon…maybe. 🙂