9 June 2023


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Fish Keeping, restarting my childhood hobby!

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Finally, restarting my childhood hobby!

Pumping water in…


Lights ON! Water is very muddy…takes time to settle down…


First wood…





Wanted to have an aquarium for a long time, but can’t find the right place to put at my home. Finally, decided and went with my friend Alvin to look for one. Initially just thought of market surveying, but after visiting 2 shops, we found one that offer unbeatable price on a 4 feet aquarium set (RM960, vs the other shop offering at RM1240). It is a ready made aquarium set imported from China, with pump and rack all included. RM960 is quite a good price.


Got the aquarium delivered the next day morning at 10am, and I can’t wait to put in water and sands. Then in the afternoon I went to buy some items to put into it.

Sands = RM40 for 25kg, added another small packet 1.5kg of total RM8. Total RM48 for sands.

Wood = RM12, found one that is quite nice for my aquarium. I use it as the main theme of my aquarium.

Rocks / stones = RM6 per kg. I paid RM18 + 9 = RM27 in total.

Plants = RM1 each, bought 3 so total is RM3.

Air pump = RM110 (with backup battery, which will auto starts during blackout)

Air stones = RM4 x 2 = RM8

Glass cleaner = RM20 (didn’t use already, it scratched my glass)


  • Lightning Blue = 30 total, bought the first 6 at RM1 each, later at RM0.60 each. Total RM22 (some discount).
  • Cleaner fish = RM4 each, total RM8.
  • Lobster (blue / grey) = RM10 for 4.
  • Lobster (red) = RM6 each, total RM12.
  • Tiger fish = RM1 each, total RM6. (Kulaijaya shop only selling at RM0.10 each!!! Yes, RM1 for 10!). This fish is quite aggressive, fierce.
  • Peacock fish = RM0.60 each, total 6 = RM3 (some discount).
  • Zebra fish (black) = RM1 x 2 + RM0.60 x 2 = RM3
  • Zebra fish (orange) = RM0.60 x 4 = RM2
  • Discus 5 inches = RM75 x 3 = RM225
  • Prawns = RM2 a cup (yes, they measured by cup, small cup)

Total spent = RM1486.00