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My Ride, internal view via Tokina 11-16mm lens on D3S Full Frame DSLR

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Bought a Tokina ATX 11-16mm F/2.8 lens, one of my favorite ultra wide angle lens on Nikon DX format. With F/2.8 aperture, it is the best wide angle lens in the market in my opinion.

Pardon me for the blusish shot, as I forgot to reset my WB pre setting to Auto white balance. Anyhow, I find the effect to be quite interesting.


On full frame DSLR, while you can still use the lens, you will see round corner from the viewfinder at 11mm. If you want to view it full frame, you will need to turn the zoom ring to 15mm onwards. (I have reset the WB to Auto now)


My ride? It is a Lion. 🙂

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