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Rolex Yacht-Master Blue Dial

It is good to have a dream from time to time…treat it as a hobby…not necessary need to own it…just “eye shopping” is already good enough!

Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 with Blue Dial.


This is the 2nd generation of Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum model. The first generation is with platinum dial (read silver colour), which is very hard to read (the time) as per reviewers online, and also from a friend of mine that owned one. So, this sunburst (the reflection makes it burst like a sun) blue dial is a more welcome design to many, introduced only in 2012. Personally I like watch with white dial, but is not available in this Yacht-Master model. I have a Seiko in blue dial, before my Tag Heuer.

The blue dial model is actually cheaper than the previous (still in production) platinum dial, by around USD1000 (RM3000). The blue dial is going for RM35k in Malaysia, while the platinum dial is at slight more than RM38k.

Rolex price is fixed everywhere. Most authorised dealer will sell at MSRP, while Rolex do allow a controlled discount % that can be given (from what I heard). Upon inquiring, one of the AD offered 10% discount for the platinum dial, and 5% for the blue dial. They said the blue dial just came in, so not willing to discount much. Platinum is an expensive material, so is understandable that the Platinum dial version is of higher price.

Do that note that Rolex has improved the model of the platinum dial, on the bracelet. The old model is going for RM35k, while the new model is at RM38k (before discount). Go for the newer model I would say.


Can’t afford to own it, so the pics serve well to ease the thirst…(or worsen?)


The bezel is made of Platinum. The red hand of second really stands out from the blue.


Sapphire glass, so will not get scratch easily. However, the bezel might get scratched after some wearing.

The bracelet is polished to shine on the center link, making it a two tones bracelet. Nice!

People said Rolex is for life…pass from generation to generation. Maybe I should get one for Emmanuel (but me wear first)? By the time he is 28, the price would be more than double already. So is wise to buy now for him.

What say you, dear? 😀

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