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Car Service – 1 Year Interval

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Sent my Car in for servicing at Peugeot yesterday. Took around 1 hour for it to be done, exact time should be 1.4hr (that’s what they charged me for labour fee @ RM90 per hour). Uses Total lubricant, 5 Litre at RM330.

Changed oil filter, RM50+.

Total cost around RM510 for the service.

Supposed to be 20,000km service, but my ride is just 13,000km. Still, it has reached the 6 months interval period, so have to send it in so that the 5 Years Warranty will not void.

Service quality? Found some black oil stains on my car bonnet. Luckily my seat and steering are black as well, else I believe there might be some stains from the dirty hands…at least I am not seeing now on my dark colour seats and steering. They used to wrap the seat with plastic and steering with plastic as well (my previous service). Didn’t see it this time, I guess they are too busy.

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