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RainX for your Car Windshield

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Saw this RainX at Jusco Taman Universiti, remember hearing this brand in some oversea car forum, so decided to give it a try. RM24.90 per bottle.


The inside bottle is like the below. Make sure you don’t tilt it after opening, as fluid will flow out from the yellow tip.


Applying is quite easy.

1st: Clean your windshield. Make sure it is dry after cleaning.

2nd: Pour RainX onto a clean dry cloth. Then wipe in circular motion over the entire windshield. Personally I applied some force when circling it.

3rd: Wait for the RainX to dry, around 10-15 mins. You will see HAZE like dirt on the glass.

4th: Clean the haze with a dry cloth. Done.

Immediately you can try test the EFFECT by pouring some water onto the glass. Yes, water won’t stay there and all flow down smoothly. Good. 🙂