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9th March 2013

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What did I do today?

Called my usual grass cutter to come trim the grass in my garden. Not very long, but better to get them trimmed to look nicer. RM40, reasonable or slightly on the cheap side.

Then, at around 4pm, rained. Stopped at around 5pm, and when checking the garden, I noticed that my cars are so very dirty! All the dirt from the grass cutting are on my cars. No, cannot just wipe using cloth this time, as the dirt is grass and sand and soils. So, decided to rinse all my cars and wash the car porch. Took around 1 hour+ to get them all done, and I am happy with the results. 🙂

Have my children playing in the small swimming pool at the same time. Yeah, enjoying themselves during the weekends.

Done some USED products uploading at ShaShinKi. Still have many more to go…

Thank God it is Saturday!