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Servicing @ Peugeot

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They have a new coffee serving machine, free of course. The paper cup has Peugeot printing on it, good brand promoting. 🙂


Not just coffee, it can serve Teh Tarik too…hahaa…interesting.

It took around 2 hours for car servicing, so I went to their showroom to checkout their cars. The 508SW looks interesting.


The boot is powered by electric. So close or open can be done by just pressing a button. Neat.

Internal design is good too. Panoramic roof, modern buttons, large LCD…etc.





I think it is a nice car, but personally I don’t like Wagon design. Maybe just the normal 508 will do, but no…not another Peugeot (I already have TWO). :p

I did checked out some other models in the showroom too, more later… 🙂

Peugeot 308 Griffe (is actually 308 Turbo with some cosmetic change)



Quite a nice car in my opinion., the 308 Turbo. However, this GRIFFE is not what I think is nice. The carbon fibre skirting surrounding the car looks like poor quality. The one below the front door is already broken. Yeah…for a new showroom car.

Griffe has some changes in the interior as well. Now add RED stitching to the seat, steering, gear knob, handbraake…etc. For me, if leather upgrade then better.



Then I go check out the 508 Sedan version. I think 508 is nice only for the WHITE colour. Black one looks dull to me. White looks elegant and clean, but of course have to keep it clean all the time lah…which is difficult…



Haha…enough for WINDOW shopping while waiting for my 407 to be ready.

On the servicing part, paid RM413 for the servicing (RM333 on Total oil and RM90 labour fee, less RM10 for Peugeot Privilege member). Around 1.5 hour in total spent.