24 September 2023


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Finally…have my car Waxed

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Yes, I have wanted to do it for a long time. The paint condition of my car is poor. Very rough surface due to in dusty environment.
(Overspray refers to the application of any form of paint, varnish, stain or other non-water soluble airborne particulate material onto an unintended location.)

Today, I have several hours free. So decided to do the waxing job at a car wash shop that I have visited by never tried. I have spoken to the boss (Mr. Awal, a young man), and his knowledge on car detailing convinced me to give him a try.


The shop is using Meguiar’s product. I actually found the shop when looking for Meguiar’s products nearby. Only then realising that a clay costs RM150, and detailer around RM100. I doubt I am going to have the time or patient to do that to all my cars. So, forget it. Let the experts earn the money they deserve.

First step is washing the car. They are quite detail in washing, I am satisfied.

Then come to the detailing job. The owner, Mr. Awal (see photo below) first use tar remover over my car. Making sure all tar or stubborn dirt are removed.


Now comes the more difficult work. Waxing. Before that, I have agreed to have “Clay & Wax” package, costs RM80. This is using Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax. However, after claying, the surface remains rough. Not very smooth surface even after waxing (buff by hand).


It seems that either the clay is not that effective, or the overspray has been too hard / long on the surface. So the owner recommend a step up…Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax method, with machine buffing. RM120, and I negotiated till RM110.


Seeing the car being waxed and machine buffed, I am satisfied.


The owner is very good (detail and patient), but the other staff isn’t that detail. Both of them waxing my car, so half good, the other half Great! I have to remind and do QC check myself to the other staff and Mr. Awal, so that my car is in the condition that I am satisfied.


Overall, I think RM110 is well worth the job and quality done. No, don’t polish your car. Wax is different from polishing. Deep polishing will cut thin the clear liquor of your car, clay and wax don’t.

Car at home.


Time spent? 3 Hours. Yes, that’s a bit long, and I was there all the time. :p

(Don’t do this at home…by yourself…)