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My new Dream Car – Porsche 911 2012 model (991)

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Yes, this is my new dream car. Hahaa…different dreams at different time…and this is the latest dream!

Gold colour, 20″ wheel, beige colour interior, 911 Carrera S…the above is own customized at Porsche UK website.

The new 2012 Porsche 911 is code named 991, and the Gold colour is the new colour introduced only to this model Making it very unique!

The best part I like about the car is the tail light. Small and slick!

Some people like to add a rear wiper to the rear window of the car, which in my opinion is ULTRA UGLY! Don’t put a rear wiper on a sport car that is so sexy on the rear!

The turbo version (in future) or the 2013 sports version has a duck tail, which again IMO is ugly. I just love the clean curvature at the rear, adding any spoiler or tail is just going to spoil it.

Porsche has revamped the interior to a more modern design (after being bought over by Volkswagen), following the Panamera design. I think the design looks modern and cool!

Around USD100k in the States, and is around UK Pound 90k as well. Translate to around RM300-500k. Malaysia new price is probably around RM800k.

US or UK price, in 10 years time maybe still can afford. Malaysia’s price…continue dreaming…or wait for new model to come out…and this model dropped half price in USED market. :p