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My Car after Waxing

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Sent my car for waxing on the 14th November 2012 (Weds) at RM90 price. Washed it myself again the next day after driving it out in the rain.

Really easy to wash. No shampoo, just rinse with water and then wipe it dry. Surface is silky smooth!

Let’s see how long the wax can last. Hopefully over 3 months, as it will be quite costing and time-consuming to wax it often.

By the way, I just found another car wash and wax shop that uses Meguiars product in Taman Mutiara Rini. Will send my Peugeot 407 or Toyota WISH there for waxing, to try out their service. RM80 for Washing, Claying and Waxing (use machine to buff off, which is better than the other shop which uses hand only).

The photos below can’t really show the condition of the paint, but just sharing the cleanliness and nice curves of the car.

JNM = Jian Nuo Megumi (coincidence). 320 is March 20th, which is the wedding anniversary of Lydia and I.

Rear view of the car is the best part. See the Double Bubble Roof (signature of RCZ) and the sexy tail light and bonnet.

Loves the curves and roundness.

RCZ, stands for Racing Car Zagato. Zagato is the person the design the double bubble roof.

Can’t really see the roofline clearly from the below photo, as the background is a bit too bright.

Another angle.

You can see water beading from the above, the water is from rain drop. There are still a lot of swirl marks on the paint, but as my RCZ is white in colour, the swirl marks are hardly noticeable, unless under detailing light at certain angle. Swirl mark can come back after ONE car wash, so I don’t bother polishing it till swirl free condition.

Let’s continue to keep the car in its pristine condition for long. Bought it on the 23rd March 2012, and I still feel excited driving it every day! Nine years loan…so have to pamper it. 🙂