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RM90 Car Wash

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Went for car wash today. My car has been through the recent bad weather recently. Raining almost everyday. White has become chocolate…

No favorite or satisfied car wash shop…saw one just next to my friend’s shop today while looking for him. He was late so I thought might as well wash my car there to try out the service.

Standard car wash price = RM10. Let me talk about the car wash service first. The staff started by jet spraying water on my car. I thought…not going to use bubble car wash method? I saw the staff spray and clean the entire area of my car one time…then only he started with bubble form.

Great I thought, as all the other shops that I have seen and tried spray bubble immediately and they “SCRATCH” the bubble together with whatever dirt on your car. This first round of water jet should at least clean off some bigger dirt.

Although the staff did not let the bubble settles by itself to remove the dirt, but still I am impressed. They didn’t rush to clean my car in no time…wash quite thoroughly with car.

Then I saw waxing service, RM70 (Free car wash). Hmm…not sure of the service…but the wax they use is branded Meguiars Ultimate Wax. My car’s paint is very rough (stains of dirt and sands), so I thought…let’s try and see if wax can clean it up.

After washing, I let the staff try wax my car. He started with the bonnet. Hmm…still very rough. Wax is by hand only, so there is no polishing involve…and sands remain there and swirls or scratches still there.

Then I saw on the price board “Clay adds RM20”. I have heard of claying before, but never try. Claying is said to be able to remove those rough feeling on the paint surface. RM20, should try instead of letting the rough paint stays.

So I told the worker to try on the claying method. He agreed. We started with the boot cover this time, where paint is rough there as well. Just a few minutes, man, I was impressed! Ultra smooth! I let him continue the whole car and all done in around 1 hour. Wax is not that impressive as he only apply a very thin layer. However, I am very satisfied with the smoothness of my car’s paint now.

Total I paid RM90 for the service, and I am happy with the spending. There are still some swirl marks on my car, which can only be removed from polishing, but I am very happy with the condition of my car now.

My car’s bonnet


Might send my wife’s car there tomorrow, which has the roughest paint I have ever touch! :p