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Nikon D800 Amazing Resolutions! Megumi & Emmanuel

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Got the chance to try out Nikon D800 today, the new definition of MEGAPIXEL in Nikon DSLR. 36.3MP, yes, 3x more pixel than my Nikon D3s.

I am eager to know how well the sensor resolution really is…so I pull out one of the sharpest lens in Nikon, the AFS 60mm F/2.8 Micro lens.

Megumi full body shot. Resized, no editing.

100% crop, click to view in full.

Ok, it might be hard to imagine or compare the difference still, so let’s see the side by side comparison below for the two crops both at 100% size.

From the above, the D800 is really much more significant in resolution than D3s, and MORE than 3x the resolution in my opinion. I am eager to see how much improvement the file can deliver for a 24 x 36″ print.

More photos below…(some with editing)