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My new Logitech Keyboard MK700 / MK710

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Just received yesterday. Still trying to get uses to it.

It is a set that comes with a mouse, a nice mouse M705 model with forward / backward, free scroll…etc. buttons. I actually already have that mouse, bought separately few months ago for my notebook use. So, this new mouse is for my wife, as she wanted to have the back/forth button. They keyboard was actually for her, but I think her current one (Logitech Wave) is also very nice already, so she let me have this one.

It comes with a palm rest pad too at the bottom of the keyboard, which is nice and comfortable.

It has got a small LCD indicating some of the functions and battery life of the keyboard.

Next to my Dell monitor, I think they match nicely.

Can I type faster with the new keyboard? Hahaa…I don’t know…but the feel is definitely great!

The keys are soft touch type. Very different from my other Logitech keyboards. The keys are slightly smaller than the Logitech new touch wired keyboard. Just slightly.