24 September 2023


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Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) 120GB for a New PC

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Just bought one today. Am building a new PC for myself again (passing my old Intel Core 2 Duo PC to my staff), so decided to get a SSD for peace of mind data safe and also performance.

Price of SSD has dropped a lot recently. It used to be quite prohibitive, where a small capacity SSD can cost over RM1k. The Intel 120GB SSD that I bought today cost me RM359, and it comes with a 3.5″ desktop bracket. Yeah, can be mounted on desktop computer without the need of extra accessory or modification. (The salesman didn’t know that…and when I pointed that out as what written on the box, he kinda like twisting his language and said is not very stable…blah blah blah…why not just admit it that you overlook?)

120GB? Enough? I will use it mainly for OS and software installation, so should be good enough. Perhaps also for my temporary photo storage, where I want to view, browse and edit, should be faster than my current PC.

Not going for i7 processor (starting price at over RM900), as the price different is quite a lot from i5. With the third generation Ivy Bridge, i5 in my opinion is good enough, and the processor alone for i5 3570 3.40GHz is already RM623. There is another model i5 3570K at RM693, which allows overclocking (not going to do that, so I didn’t choose the 3570K version).

Am going to install at least 8GB RAM. Already bought 2 x 4GB Kingston DDR3 1333 at RM54 each. Since the motherboard I plan to get can accommodate 4 slots of RAM, I might go get another 2 x 4GB and making it 16GB in total RAM later. Sounds yummy! 😀

Monitor? I bought a Samsung 23″ S23A350H LED at RM568. Not for myself, but for my staff. I still have my Dell 30″. Samsung monitors now mostly come with VGA and HDMI port. No more DVI, and they do not include any HDMI cable, but just VGA cable. Digital signal is so much better than analog, so must purchase HDMI cable separately.

The motherboard I plan to get is ASUS P8Z77-V LX. Read some good reviews of it online. RM419, quite pricey but is with VGA and soundcard built in, so should still be OK. I have bad experience with Intel motherboard, and am quite happy with my previous ASUS motherboard.

Not going to get DVD drive this time. The old computer DVD drive got broken after a year, and a replacement faults donno when again, and I rarely use it. Windows installation can now be done using USB, so no need for DVD ROM.

Keyboard and mouse. Will try look for a good and comfortable one this time. My old one is Logitech K260 wireless keyboard and mouse. They are good what they are meant for, but not superb. My wife said a mouse should have back and forward button, and the wheel should fly. 😀

Just found what seems to be quite good choice. Logitech MK710. Around RM200. Will see how it performs.

By the way…Windows 8? Hmm…I will install Windows 7 64bit first.