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Samsung Galaxy Note, Firmware Update to Android 4.04

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Was playing around with my wife’s Galaxy Note (white). Happened to found there is new firmware update for it. So just click download and update.

Took a few long minutes to download, as is big file at over 145MB.

After the first update, checked the firmware, yes is Android 4.04. Interface very similar to my Galaxy S III now. Great!

Then, there is another update. This time 99MB.

Then there is another update. This time is 26MB, said to improve stability.

Hmm…I guess it cannot be updated once directly and still preserve all original info. Anyhow, it is good to see that Samsung still care so much for the old phone (Galaxy Note 2 already in the market). The update makes the phone LIKE NEW again! 🙂

Note 2? Nah…I don’t think my wife will want that. Galaxy Note is still quite new, and is serving her well. Fast speed, great screen, no complaint from her so far. Maybe wait till Galaxy Note 3 if Samsung still rules.