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Finally…ordered! Samsung Galaxy S3

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Calculate here…calculate there…no saving…so decided to order one directly not under contract. Below RM2k.

I am currently still using the First generation Samsung Galaxy. Cost me RM2.5k when first bought on 24th July 2010. Two years 2 months and 8 days old…total 798 days…around RM3.13 per day costs. Hmm…quite expensive comes to think of it.

The reason I am hoping for an upgrade is because of the delay in my current Galaxy S in message viewing or call answering. Maybe too many games inside (actually not that many as still got lots of space left). I use my phone extensively for work, so I hope the upgrade (to Galaxy S3) can make doing tasks more efficient and less frustrating.

Galaxy Note is a fantastic phone, but not for me. My wife is using it, and I love the screen a lot but is TOO BIG for my pocket! No, I don’t carry purse. The screen is much better than the Galaxy S2 that I thought of upgrading last time, until I compared the S2 and the Note side by side. After considering Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2, both not suitable for me so I didn’t upgrade and continue using my Galaxy.

The current Galaxy S3 is just nice. Great screen, comfortable size, fast speed, cheaper price! I haven’t tried one in my Jeans, hopefully won’t get in the way.

No, not yet receive. Should be within these few days.

My wife is paying the bill…thanks Dear! 😀