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Digi Smart Plan? Samsung Galaxy S3?

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Almost bought the package just now, Samsung Galaxy S3 at RM1299 and tied with 24 months Digi Smart Plan 88 (currently 1 Malaysia promotion to RM68).

Sounds attractive? Yeah, and I saw a many people are buying. They only have white demo set, no pebble blue, so I decided not to commit until I check the pebble blue colour.

Went home, opened up my Digi bill online, and studied them.

Hmm…I have been overpaying in the last few years. I was subscribing to Digi50 and Digi Smart 58 (unlimited internet for RM58). Yeah…Unlimited internet access data download! But, when I checked my internet usage in the last 3 months, maximum usage is 600MB, while average is 300MB. I don’t need the 5GB quota from the Digi Smart Plan 88 (RM83 payment monthly), and the cheapest Digi Smart Plan 48 (1GB internet at RM43 monthly) is already more than enough for me!

Decided time for a change. Called up Digi service center, talked for 15 mins, and all done.

My previous monthly bill is often RM200+ for two lines (Main and Sub). That’s because the basic committed total amount is already (RM50 + RM58) + (RM30 + RM58) + (RM3 + RM2) x 2 (Itemized Billing + Standard Billing) + 6% Service Tax = RM207.76

During the call, I asked to terminate the Itemized billing and Standard billing as well. Convert to internet billing (PDF format send via email to me). Saves RM10 monthly (before tax).

Now my committed minimum payment per month is RM43 + RM28 + 6% = RM75.26

Of course there will be some call charges per month, estimated RM50 + Rm30 = RM80. Still, shall save RM50 per month, ideally. Shall monitor that in the next few months.

It is better late than never, hopefully will see some savings from next month onwards!

(Almost forgot about the topic. Shall I go for the Digi Smart Plan now? No. No saving based on my current new plans above.)