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Megumi – Amazing Bokeh! Amazing Nikon Lens!

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Have a chance to try out an AMAZING LENS today…

My favorite model…

Beautiful BOKEH rendering…silky smooth!

Not just bokeh, the lens is extremely sharp! Deliver more details that my D3s (12MP) can capture. I think the D800 (36MP) should be able to do more justice to the lens…

This is a 100% crop (unedited shot). Click to view 100% crop. F/2.8.

Is F/2.8 the maximum aperture of the lens? Hmm…NO.

See a F/2 shot! The background rendering is just SURREAL! Eyes and eyebrows still sharp!

Another shot at F/2.8. Sorry for the different WB. Warm was from Auto WB, while Cold is from Pre-set WB.

So, what is the lens?

Fatty! Yeah…is it fat. Fat and HEAVY! Lens alone is already 3kg, and my D3s around 1.5kg…so I am holding a nearly 5kg setup without tripod. Manageable?  Yes…only 5 mins for me. 10 mins at most, and I will need to rest. Hands already shaking. I have tried use elbow to chest method, VR ON, handgrip on my D3s…no, this is NOT the lens for every occasion…but if I can afford it…I would sure love to have one in my dry box, access whenever I feel like shooting!

People said this lens can turn ordinary photo into extra-ordinary…I have to agree! The background rendering is just so lovely, as if your subject is decorated with all sorts of different colours at the back!

I wished I can own the lens…but no…got two kids to feed now… 😛


Just sold at RM10,888 at ShaShinKi’s USED CORNER. Sold within 24 hours after uploading.