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Megumi’s Ride, a new pinky!

We bought this 2 years ago for Megumi. Time flies…from can’t touching the ground till now too small for her. She is like a little giant on the bicycle now.

Also, the bicycle has already shown age on it, with broken paddle, rusting bar, dirty handle, dented basket…etc.

Good excuse for us to get a new bicycle for Megumi.

I went to select one today, her favorite PINK! Didn’t bring her alone, as wanna give her a surprise! Haha…she is happy of course with the new ride.

Yes, I bought the safety helmet for her too, as we now stroll on the roadside during evening, and Megumi’s is on her ride. Can be dangerous without protection. 😛

  • Bicycle = RM170
  • Helmet = RM20
  • Air pump = RM20

Total = RM210

Happiness = Priceless 🙂

(Visa ads? No, I paid cash.)

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