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New Sports Shoes! Reebok!

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Mine was more than 3 years old, a POWER…broken last few days, so today went look for a new pair.

Didn’t really have any brand in mind, as long as is comfortable then OK already. Nearest place, Aeon.

Went for groceries shopping, then only go to Sports Center looking for my shoes. Saw Reebok, quite nice. RM2xx with 10% discount.

Tried, not comfortable. Quite hard at the bottom, though is running shoe but I don’t think is comfortable. Saw another model, unique bottom with ZIGZAG design. Asked the salesman to get me Size 9, quite tight. Asked for size 10, saw is UK size 9 but USA size 10, ok, is comfortable.

Quite bouncy, definitely much better than the previous one. Didn’t notice the price tag until now, wow…RM379.00, but with 20% discount. Still, RM303.20…hmm…Ok…if I run more, it should be worthy than seeing doctor or taking medicine due to obesity or high cholesterol.

This is my new running shoe. 🙂

Wait…if you are details enough, you would have noticed the title of my blog is Shoes in plural. No, I didn’t get two for myself, but actually saw another very nice one for my wife. Lovely RED / PINK / INDIGO, so I asked my wife to come try it out. She has no sports shoe, not that she is going to run anyway, but more for like going for long day shopping needs. She has small feet.

This is what I bought for her.

Same series as mine, exactly same design, only different in colour.

Unique design at the bottom, Reebok called it ZIGTECH. Returning energy when running. Should be nice.

More views of the bottom design.

For lady…


Our shoes.

I went for a short jog just now. Yes, is comfortable. Maybe my ankles not used to the shoes yet, hurt a bit after few km. But is definitely quite comfortable and not as hard knock on every steps.

Going to use it for a badminton game tomorrow, hopefully is suitable and enough grip for court use.