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Self Car Windscreen Repair

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In Malaysia, there is a special insurance call “Windscreen Insurance” for your car. It is not included in your mandatory car insurance, and your mandatory car insurance does not include the windscreen coverage. Meaning, if your car windscreen got hit by a rock and need replacement, you can’t claim from your car insurance.

My car windscreen got hit by an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) recently. I think is from a lorry driving in front of me on the right lane. I was already trying to keep some distance from it, still…saw an UFO flying towards me and the next thing I see is a small chip on my car windscreen. Not big, just 1mm chip or ding, but is sure heart pain. Together with the other two digs I got few weeks back on the side glass, total 3 dings.

No, I am not going to replace the glass just because of the dings. Checking out ebay and there are lots of different windscreen repairer available. Bought one at less than USD9.95 (free shipping), and I got the repair kit a week later.

Today only I got the free time and mood to repair my windscreen and side glasses. Have yet to see the result, as it takes UV light to cure or harden the gel. Raining and cloudy outside. So will leave it there for long before I wipe the windscreen or glass again.