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Megumi’s Birthday 14th June 2012

Was her BIG DAY! She has been waiting for it for long…counting since May…

I told her she can wear this white dress on her birthday to school. Yeah, she is excited about it! 😀

We got a special Princess Barbie cake for her. Around RM250, we didn’t get one last year, so we want to get it this time. She is excited about it too! Her mum brought her to Secret Recipe to choose the cake herself. You have to book a week in advance in you want the cake. 5kg!

Not many have seen such a cake…and you can see all children are curious and excited about the cake!

The cake is quite huge. I think is exactly barbie doll size.

Make a wish? Hahaa…she is not sure what is that…

See the present?! Is from Mama and Papa…

Candle lighting…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 candles!

Cake cutting!

Proudly showing off her crown! Beautiful crown I must say. Megumi’s head is quite big, so normal kid’s crown is too tight for her. This is actually for adults, but fit perfectly! Albeit a bit heavy as is metal type.

Now the RM250 question…how is the taste of the cake? See Megumi’s expression below…

Inside is chocolate cake, so is still OK. Outside is actually hard sugar coat, not very tasty…(I being moderate here…)

Megumi delivering the cakes to her classmates.

Everybody happily enjoying the cakes.

Still have plenty left. We didn’t take any home. Told the teachers to share with other children later.

We went for dinner at the evening, and surprisingly Megumi bumped into her friends at the restaurant. The tie belongs to the little boy.




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